The Project

CATER – Coordinating Air transport Time Efficiency Research

CATER Project

Europe, through the High Level Group on Aviation Research, ACARE and the Commission, has a vision for air transport in meeting societal and market needs over the coming 30 years. Central to this is time efficiency, meaning reduced door-to-door journey times, seamless intermodalconnections and reliability. For this Europe will continue to engage in large scale, intensive and coordinated research & innovation. In order to plan and manage this process policy makers and research directors need a complete picture of what research and innovation is being conducted, of gaps present and how EU funded R&I meets Europe’s goals.

CATER – Coordinating Air transport Time Efficiency Research is a 48 months coordination project co-financed with support from the European Commission through FP7. It is designed as a research and innovation (R&I) observatory and policy advisory centre run by an authoritative group with deep industry knowledge, access to a network of all relevant R&I organisations and excellent information gathering and knowledge management processes and tools. CATER will deliver valuable and insightful reports and recommendations which will be packaged and disseminated effectively. CATER will conduct an annual review of the state of the art of R&I, identify gaps in the landscape and bottlenecks to innovation and formulate strategic recommendations to address these. It shall review the landscape in the context of the activities defined in the Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda (SRIA) of ACARE, tightly connected to ACARE WG1 goals (i.e. Meeting societal and market needs).