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CATER R&I Community – proposed affiliate partners

The European Commission, in particular the DG for Mobility and Transport and its platforms (i.e. DG MOVE, The Rail Strategy Platform, other research coordination groups, Work Programmes, ICT for TRANSPORT) shall be a critical part of the CATER R&I affiliate partner
The EASN Association is represented in the CATER project by EASN-TIS. The latter is exclusively authorized to act on behalf of the Association in the frame of research projects. The EASN Association has more than 130 registered active members including individuals, university labs, universities, and other organizations plus more than 10.000 direct or indirect contacts with researchers and scientists throughout Europe, active in aeronautics related research. You have to play and get great bonuses in tragamonedas gratis here. Don't miss your chance to become more rich.
The Association of European Research Establishments in Aeronautics, EREA, is connected through its member ONERA, a CATER
ACARE is linked via CATER partner SESM (Finmeccanica) which currently holds the chair of ACARE Italy. The chairman of ACARE Italy has given his availability for membership of the CATER Advisory Board as has Dr. Volker Heil, Member of ACARE General Assembly and Head of Research and Development at DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH. In particular, the ACARE WG1 and Monitoring Group shall be key figures within the CATER affiliate partner network. A strong activity will be accomplished to involve within the CATER Advisor Board a member of ACARE Monitoring Group in order to better drive and assess the CATER activities. In doing so, CATER members, enlisted in ACARE group, will politically support this step advertising the CA activities into ACARE Steering groups to attract
The Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD) is also connected by way of the close association of SESM (Finmeccanica) and ASD member AIAD, the Italian Companies for Aerospace, Defence and
SESAR is connected through CATER partner SESM which, as part of the SELEX Consortiumis one of the SESAR members; SESM is actually active on more than 20 SESAR projects both operational and technical
Both SESAR and the EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre are linked to CATER through CATER partner ONERA which forms part of the SESAR-EUROCONTROL research network HALA!
The IATA is linked via CATER partners SESM and FIS which are both strategic IATA members (SESM as part of SELEX and FIS as part of ICTS)
SITA is closely linked to CATER partner SESM through their collaborative work on several SESAR projects including ATC Full Datalink and also through CATER partner ADR which is currently implementing SITA solutions BagManager and
The International Civil Aviation Organisation is linked by participation of several CATER partners involvement, in particular SESM, in ICAO work
EUROCAE, the European Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment, is linked to CATER by way of its members SESM (as part of SELEX) and ALTRAN and their participation in EUROCAE working
ACI, the Airports Council International, shall be involved by way if CATER partner ADR which is an ACI member, and heavy involved into several operative groups, such as Aviation Community Recommended Information Services and ACI Regional Airport. Moreover, ADR is member of ASSAEROPORTI, which involves 36 regional Italian airports, which are become more and more one of the European asset for internal connectivity. In the ACI community, ADR will spend most of its effort in catching their interest on CATER initiatives trying to involve some airlines and handlers as CATER affiliate members enlarging the R&I