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Finmeccanica Project Coordinator

You have to play and get great bonuses in tragamonedas gratis here. Don't miss your chance to become more rich. Finmeccanica is a global player in the high-tech sectors and a major operator worldwide in the Aerospace, Defence and Security sectors. Finmeccanica is based in Italy, has more than 47,000 employees (latest update 11/30/2015), of whom about 37% abroad, and in 2014 recorded 14.6 billion euro in revenues and received orders in the amount of 15.6 billion. Based on the dual application of technologies, Finmeccanica designs and creates products, systems, services and integrated solutions both for the defence sector and for public and private customers of the civil sector, both in Italy and abroad. The wide range of defence and security solutions that Finmeccanica offers Governments, private citizens and Institutions includes every possible intervention scenario: airborne and terrestrial, naval and maritime, space and cyberspace. In close contact with local customers and partners, Finmeccanica works every day to strengthen global security, provide essential physical protection and cybersecurity services for people, territories and infrastructure networks and supports scientific and technological research. Finmeccanica operates in about 20 countries with offices and industrial plants in all of the five continents and can rely on a very large network of subsidiaries, joint ventures and international partnerships, with significant industrial presence in three main markets, United Kingdom, Poland and United States and structured partnerships in the most important high potential markets in the world.


ICTS UK Ltd is wholly-owned subsidiary of ICTS Europe which is present in 18 EU nations. Established in 1987, ICTS UK Ltd is one of the largest private security companies in United Kingdom. With principle office in London and additional operational centres in all key airports including Manchester, Edinburgh, Luton and Belfast, ICTS UK Ltd offers national cover and a comprehensive range of security services to airports, airlines, corporate and public sector clients.

TRGM – Transylvania Targu Mures International Airport

Transylvania Targu Mures International Airport is an airport located near the town of Ungheni, Mureş County, in central Romania. Opened it 1961, it serves the city of Târgu Mureş as well as Mureş, Harghita, Covasna, Alba and Bistrita counties. Formerly known as Vidrasău, it was renamed Transilvania Târgu Mureş in August 2006. Târgu Mureş Airport provides services for an area of 24,500 square kilometers, with a number of 2.6 million inhabitants. The airport has undergone extensive renovation. In October 2009 a new international terminal was opened, and at the beginning of 2010 a new lighting system and ILS cat II was installed, allowing the handling of flights 24 hours a day in low visibility conditions. Now, the airport is ready to start the execution of a new investment project related to extension of runway, the associated surface movement areas (taxiways, aprons) and associated lighting system cat II/III ICAO.

ISDEFE – Ingeniera de Sistemas para la Defensa De Espana SA

Isdefe is a state owned company founded in September 1985, through an agreement by the Council of Ministers, with the objective of providing technical engineering support and consulting services for advanced technologies in the Defence and Civil sectors. Isdefe has 1000 employees and reports to the Secretary of State for Defence through a Board of Directors, comprised of Defence Ministry Advisors (Central Units and Armed Forces), the Ministry of Development and the Ministry of Economy and Taxation.
ISDEFE is actually involved in ADAHR (Assessment of Degree of Automation on Human Roles) WP-E SESAR, TITAN (turnaround Integration in trajectory and Network), ALICIA Project (All Condition Operations and Innovative Cockpit Infrastructure), NEWO (emerging Network-Wide effects of inventive Operational approaches in ATM) WP-E SESAR.

ONERA – Office National D’etudes et de Recherches Aerospatiales

Onera (Office National d’Etudes et Recherches Aérospatiales) is the French non-profit national aerospace research centre. It is a public research establishment, with eight major facilities in France and about 2,000 employees, including 1,500 scientists, engineers and technicians.
ONERA has 35 recent or on-going projects in the fields of air traffic and other related aviation and aerospace systems: 3S, Space Systems Survivability; 4DCo-GC, 4D contract guidance and control of the aircraft; Anibal, Reduction of the Noise Level of Light Aircraft; ATS 2050 Study – Phase 2; Clean Sky Technology Evaluator; EOLE, an airborne space launcher for nano-satellites; Expertise ACCS, Air Command and Control System; GRAVES Renovation (Space Surveillance System); IESTA – Air Transport Systems Evaluation Infrastructure; Ifats, Innovative Future Air Transport System; Lea, toward the Development of Hypersonic Air-Breathing Vehicles; MEPHISTO, Federated and interoperable means of study for the technical and operational simulation; P-PLANE,The Personal Plae Project; P²-ROTECT, Prediction, Protection & Reduction of OrbiTal Exposure to Collision Threats; PRECISE, Research Platform for the evaluation of the kinematics and radar signatures of vehicles; Radar TLP (Very Long Range); SESAR. Ministry of Development and the Ministry of Economy and Taxation.


ALTRAN AG is a wholly owned subsidiary of the international industrial group, Altran which operates in over twenty countries throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas.
Altran Research was launched in January 2009 with the aim of strengthening Altran’s positioning in innovation consulting. Our cross-curricular and transverse research is based on three themes essential in order to tackle complexity: Sustainability Engineering & Assessment (SEA): pre-normative research to design and develop processes, methodologies and tools geared to enhance the sustainable value of solutions (technologies, products, segments, and so on); Advanced Products & Solutions (APS): research produced to explore available technologies and demonstrate these concepts; Management & Performance (M&P): organisational research geared to developing organisations and innovative practices as well as improving the performances of Altran and its clients.

Ciaotech S.r.l (PNO Group B.V.)

Ciaotech S.r.l. is a limited private company and part of the European technology innovation management and grants consultancy PNO Group B.V.
PNO, established in 1984, is specialized in Grants and Innovation Management, providing support services to private and public organizations in Innovation processes, Technology Transfer, and funding for research, development and innovation. PNO is made up of a pool of around 250 professionals across 12 Member States including scientists, engineers, consultants, a Brussels policy advisory service, as well as financial and legal experts.
PNO is involved in a number of EU funded network projects to build communities to further innovation in specific sectors, such as the bio-based product market (BIOCHEM), transport (SMART), security (OSMOSIS), open source and embedded software (SHARE). The company has the proven capability to link innovation suppliers and adopters from a unique Europe- wide client network in multiple sectors, using advanced methodologies and proprietary on-line networking. PNO has its own community building, management and dissemination tools, the core one being Innovation Place© As Europe’s largest independent public funding advisory, PNO supports over 2000 clients throughout Europe, annually developing over 120 European consortia funding proposals, and fostering their successful implementation in many technology domains through management, technology intelligence, exploitation and dissemination services. The company is also versed in the establishment and management of funding programmes.

EASN Technology Innovation Services BVBA

EASN TIS is a private company created by EASN, the European Aeronautics Science Network, in order to enable EASN and its network of 9000 European aeronautics researchers participate in research programmes.
EASN is very active in a wide range of air transport research and innovation projects, including: HERMES – Establishing a CompreHEnsive transport Research information Management and Exchange System; SARISTU – Smart Intelligent Aircraft Structures Collaborative Project: Level II; SUNJET – SUstainable Network for Japan-Europe aerospace research and Technology cooperation; COOPERATEUS – Conditions of success for R&T Open Options through a Platform of communications and for Expressing Recommendation Actions to Team-up Europe and U.S. ; ENCOMB – Extended Non-Destructive Testing for Composite Bonds; INMA – Innovative Manufacturing of Ti sheet complex components for cost-efficient and ecological production.